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  • violin strings
    <p><a href="https://www.bertboonviolins.com/img/cms/string%20ID.pdf" target="_blank" class="btn btn-default">Manufacturers' string colour codes</a></p>
  • strings viola
    <p>Viola strings Colour codes of string manufacturers</p>
  • cello strings
    <p>cello strings</p>
  • strings, other instruments
    <p>Gut strings for hurdy-gurdy and other instruments. A pdf file, containing a few suggestions from SAVAREZ may be helpful.    </p>
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  • rosin for bows
    <p>The choice of a piece of rosin is very personal.  Therefore we carry all main brands.</p> <p>SHIPPING OF ROSIN: Rosin cannot be shipped as a "letter" It does not comply with the max. dimensions for the letterbox rates and (fragile) rosin needs to be packed very well, so we can only <strong><span style="color:#d0121a;">send it as a parcel.</span></strong></p>
  • cases and bags
    <p>We do our utmost to keep a stock of all case varieties. Since some manufacturers only produce small series, it is practically impossible to have all cases in all models and colours in stock at any moment. So, if you are in a hurry, please let us inform you about stock-status and delivery-delay before ordering.</p>
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  • shoulder rests
    Shoulder rests for violin amd viola: every quality-brand of the world-market!
  • chin rests
    Chin rests for violin and viola
    <p>A gift for a player? Order here! (the only thing you have to do by yourself is provide the gift-wrapping!) Of course you can have us ship your present directly to the lucky person! Please note that shipping charges and tax-regulations (In case of low priced items often 0%) for the country of destination apply. This is only a choice of small presents: in our webshop you will find many more in different price categories.</p>
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