Since January 1st 2017, Dalbergia spp, commonly known as Rosewood is on the international CITES list of endangered and protected species.

Bowed instruments my have parts of rosewood (tuning pegs, tailpieces, endpins, chintrests etc.) and will be liable to strict import and export regulations. Rosewood (Dalbergia spp) can be recognized by the dark brown striped appearance.

Anything that was in stock or posession before 2017 may be traded freely within the EU. Export uotside the EU requires export and import documents from both sides. (Professional) musicials traveling with instruments containing Dalbergia spp can apply for a temporal import-export document with their local authorities to avoid severe problems entering other countries.

We will not buy any new Rosewood anymore. Old stock from before 2017 was certified on the 31st of December 2016. That stock will be sold legally to our EU based customers in the coming years until it is all gone. On the invoice we will refer to its'legal status. We will not sell any Rosewood outside the EU to avoid problems for our customers and ourselves.