How to cancel your order and how to return ordered goods:

Customers have the right to return ordered goods, according to EU laws and regulations. You can cancel your order complete or partially without motivation within 14 days after receipt of the goods. After cancelling you can return the goods within 14 days: you will be credited for the corresponding amount and (part of) the original cost of shipping within 14 days. Only the cost of the return-shipping will be for your account.  Within the Netherlands cost of shipping will be around 7€  for parcels and 1-2 euros for letterbox shipping.

In many cases it is advisable to ship fragile and/or expensive goods recorded and/or insured. Your local shipper may inform you about actual shipping rates. If you use your right to cancel your order, the product shall be returned with all original accesories and -if possible- in original state and in the original packaging. If you want to use your right to cancel your order, you can contact us by telephone  0224852108
(+31224852108) or by mail

We will refund the order-amount and shipping cost within 14 days after every cancelling, provided the cancelled goods have been received in good order by us.

Sealed items

Some items are sealed by the manufacturer or by us. Sealed items will always give you the opportunity to check that you have received what you ordered without breaking the seal. The risk of damage in case of returns is almost zero with unbroken seals.

Damaged returns

When a returned product has been damaged, we will judge the damage in a reasonable way and clear the damage with the refund. Some vulnerable products will be accompanied with an instruction-leaflet on avoiding damage.

Last revision January 22nd 2019. Translation Nov. 16th 2016