violin strings full size

Colour codes of string manufacturers

violin strings full size


  • Thomastik (a.o. Dominant)
    <p>Thomastik-Infeld violin strings. Information provided by the manufacturer</p>
  • Corelli
  • Pirastro
    <p>Information provided by the manufacturer:</p>
  • d'Addario
      d'Addario violin strings
  • Prim
    <p>Strings from the good old brand PRIM, manufactured by the Fröjel family business of Taby (Stockholm area), Sweden. Three tensions for violin: soft (blue print), medium (green print) and orchestra (heavy, brown print)</p>
  • Optima-Lenzner
    <p>Famous Goldbrokat E string: a very good E string for a very attractive price!</p> <p>The manufacturer of Lenzner Goldbrokat has now joined Optima Strings. In the meantime strings will be sold in the olt Lenzner envelope as well as in the new Optima branded envelopes.</p>
  • Kaplan
      Kaplan violin strings
  • Larsen
  • Hill (E)
    Hill violin strings, E.
  • Westminster
    <p>Nu leverbaar!</p>
  • Jargar
  • NS Electric
    Ned Steinberger strings for electric violins, develop[ed in co-operation with d'Addario company.
  • Warchal
    Warchal violin strings
  • Lenzner Supersolo
    Lenzner Supersolo: gut strings and wound gut strings.
  • La Bella
    <p>La Bella</p>

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