violin strings full size

Colour codes of string manufacturers

violin strings full size


  • Thomastik (a.o. Dominant)
    <p>Thomastik-Infeld violin strings. Information provided by the manufacturer</p>
  • Corelli
  • Pirastro
    <p>Information provided by the manufacturer:</p>
  • d'Addario
      d'Addario violin strings
  • Prim
    <p>Strings from the good old brand PRIM, manufactured by the Fröjel family business of Taby (Stockholm area), Sweden. Three tensions for violin: soft (blue print), medium (green print) and orchestra (heavy, brown print)</p>
  • Optima
    <p>Famous Goldbrokat E string: a very good E string for a very attractive price</p>
  • Kaplan
      Kaplan violin strings
  • Larsen
  • Hill (E)
    Hill violin strings, E.
  • Westminster
    <p>Nu leverbaar!</p>
  • Jargar
  • NS Electric
    Ned Steinberger strings for electric violins, develop[ed in co-operation with d'Addario company.
  • Warchal
    Warchal violin strings
  • Lenzner Supersolo
    Lenzner Supersolo: gut strings and wound gut strings.
  • La Bella
    <p>La Bella</p>

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