Thomastik (a.o. Dominant)

Thomastik-Infeld violin strings. Information provided by the manufacturer

Thomastik (a.o. Dominant)


  • Dominant
    <p>  The well known synthetic string from Thomastik Infeld, best selling since years, needs no further introduction!</p>
  • Dynamo
    <p>New violin string by Thomastik Infeld. Manufacturer says:</p> <p>They offer a broad sound AND an excellent response.<br />They have a wide dynamic range AND you can modulate sound colors all along to their full extent.<br />They sound great on most old AND most new instruments.<br />Their sound will blow away the musician AND the audience.</p> <p>Introduction in the course of March 2023</p>
  • Dominant PRO
    <p>New development from the Thomastik-Infeld factory: DominantPRO violin strings</p>
  • Vision
  • Vision Titanium Orch.
  • Infeld Red
  • Infeld Blue
  • Peter Infeld (Pi)
    <p>Completely new developed synthetic string by Thomastik Infeld.</p>
  • Thomastik Rondo
    <p>Stable and powerful.</p> <p>Factory-packed in tubes. We re-pack them for shipment in envelopes.</p> <p></p>
  • Rondo Gold
    <p>Warm sound with a Golden Glow!</p>
  • Thomastik TI
    <p>Sweet and rich!</p> <p>Factory-packed in tubes. We re-pack them for shipment in envelopes.</p> <p></p>
  • Vision Solo
    <p>Great but round tone.</p>
  • Vision Titanium Solo
    <p>Synthetic string for fiolin.</p>
  • Praezisions
    <p>Steel strings, solid core.</p> <p>Shipping from stock (or with delivery delay from max. 1 week!)</p>
  • Superflex
    <p>Thomastik Superflex, steel strings, rope core.</p>
  • Spirocore
    <p>Steel string, spiral core.</p>
  • Spirit
    <p>Spirit strings by Thomastik</p>
  • Alphayue
    <p>Thomastik-Infelds' newly developed low-budget string for violin.</p>
  • Octave violin Superflexible
    <p>Strings for OCTAVE violin: Superflexible by Thomastik Infeld.</p>

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