viola cases

Given measures of cases are based on the body length of the instrument (length of back, heel excluded - endpin excluded as well)

viola cases


  • Budget viola cases
    Low priced viola cases of selected quality!
  • BAM viola cases
    BAM viola cases will not always be in stock: many times we have to order your case from BAM France in the desired colour and pattern. Hightech cases have a "normal" production time of several (up to four) months. The Azure colour is temporarily unavailable for the oblong models. Contoured models are still available in azure.
  • GEWA viola cases
    GEWA viola cases
  • SALE viola cases
    Viola cases SALE
  • GEWA Idea viola cases
    GEWA Idea viola cases. Delivery delay may occur!
  • Pedi viola cases
    Pedi viola cases

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Hightech contoured viola case Standard

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