carbon bows for cello

carbon bows for cello

carbon bows for cello


  • CodaBow
    <p>Pioneer in the carbon bow area: CodaBow from Winona, USA, produces all bows in it's own workshop, where also the well equipped and very active R&amp;D department can be found. CodaBow bows is without doubt the worlds best selling in the category synthetic bows for professionals and serious amateurs. Authorized CodaBow dealer</p>
  • Arcus
    <p>Arcus is a leading and innovating German manufacturer, using a lot of High-Tech in its' bow technology. The hollow carbon fiber construction, the special designed camber and the use of special metals as titanium result in a bow that produces a powerful tone with ease, without losing any of the richness of the sound. All European Arcus dealers agreed not to sell this wonderful bow directly over the internet, but we will gladly inform you how to purchase this exceptional bow. Call us at (+31)(0)50 3135701 (business hours C.E.T)</p>
  • Muesing
    <p>German made Muesing cello bows are produced in the same facility as the famous Arcus bows. Muesing bows are the true competitors of High-End carbon bows from France and the USA.</p>
  • Carbow
    Carbow is a brand name of the manufacturer "Les Nouveaux Materiaux" based in the south of France. They make innovative products, among them carbon bows of outstanding and amazing quality.
  • Carbondix
    Carbondix Bows (Braided Carbon Fiber type) with an internal texture, resulting in a very stable bow with a clear tone.
    Ons "huismerk": wij laten deze stokken op onze specificaties zelf maken. stokken zijn van het type Barided Carbon Fibre (BCF) met een zeer stabiele ligging en een heldere toon.
    IESTA strijkstokken zijn vervaardigd uit carbon, maar aan de buitenzijde geraffineerd afgewerkt met een laagje echt pernambucohout.
  • JonPaul
    De JonPaul carbon strijkstokken uit onze collectie worden vervaardigd in de USA (Salt Lake City)
  • Col Legno
    Col Legno carbonstrijkstokken worden op specificaties van het Spaanse bedrijf SieLam vervaardigd.
  • Bondix Composiet
    In het atelier van Carbondix vervaardigde composietstok; meer dan uitstekende prijs/kwaliteitsverhouding!
  • C:dix
    C:dix carboncomposietstrijkstokken
  • ELS
    <p>Bows of unidirectional carbon.</p>

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JonPaul Avanti cellostrijkstok

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Carbondix cello bow Standard

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Bondix cello bow, composite

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Iesta cello bow

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