rosin for bows

The choice of a piece of rosin is very personal.  Therefore we carry all main brands.

SHIPPING OF ROSIN: Rosin cannot be shipped as a "letter" It does not comply with the max. dimensions for the letterbox rates and (fragile) rosin needs to be packed very well, so we can only send it as a parcel.

rosin for bows


  • Melos Rosin
    <p>Melos rosin: hand made quality from Greece.</p>
  • Bernardel
    <p>A world famous rosin. Used by many professionals and ambitious students and amateurs!</p>
  • Pirastro
    <p>A broad range of rosin types for all instruments and many occasions. <a href="" target="_blank" class="btn btn-default">Manufacturers' statements</a>.</p>
  • Nyman rosin
    <p>Rosin for violin/viola, cello and double bass.</p>
  • Pops rosin for double bass
    <p>Pops double bass rosin: we always have fresh cakes available!</p>
  • Hill
    Hill rosin, in light and dark.
  • Geipel
    Geipel rosin: a good student quality!
  • Hidersine
    Hidersine rosin for violin, viola and cello.
  • Clarity Hypo Allergenic
    <p>Hypo allergenic "rosin" as a replacement for normal rosin. Producer claims that this product will not cause allergy. We can endorse this claim, but no claim can -in this case- be guaranteed for the full 100%. </p>
  • Larica (recipe: Liebenzeller)
    <p>This exceptional rosin (Larch) is manufactured with well known Liebenzeller formula in mind by Lothars Seitz from Dornach, Switzerland. Hardness is slightly descending from I down to II, to III etc, Softer rosin can cut the sharper edge from an instruments' tone, harder rosin can make in sound more clear.</p>
  • Salchow
    <p>Salchow rosin for violin, viola and cello.</p>
  • Thomastik
    <p>Thomastik Strijskstokhars.   NB. verzendkosten strijkstokhars: postpakket!</p>
  • Kolstein
    Kolstein rosin
  • Doerfler
    <p>Doerfler rosin for bows.</p>
  • Colophane 2000
    Colophane 2000
  • Rosin in luxury wooden boxes
    First quality rosin from a well/known French manufacturer, in a special, beautiful and luxury wooden box.
  • Cecilia
    <p>Premium Rosin from famous Korean Rosin-master Andrea Bang.</p>
  • Kaplan-d'Addario
  • Jade
    Jade rosin, for violin, viola and cello.
  • Liebenzeller Original
    <p>Liebenzeller Original: crafted by hand, folloiwing the original Liebenzeller recipe.</p>
  • Millant-Deroux
    <p>Millant-Deroux rosin</p>
  • RDM
    <p>RDM rosin</p>
  • Poullot
    <p>Poullot rosin</p>
  • Carlsson (double bass)
    <p>Carlsson (double bass) rosin, made in Sweden.</p>
  • Guillaume
  • Ruby
    <p>Ruby Rosin (thorvaldson, France)</p>

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