violin cases

Violin cases full size, unless availability of fractional sizes is indicated.

violin cases


  • Budget
    We selected a collection of very good cases for attractive prices!
  • BAM
    BAM cases come in variouis colours and colour combinations. Check available colours BAM cases will be in stock OR have a delivery time of one or two weeks. (Hightech models have a longer delivery time) You can always ask for the expected delivery time of the BAM case of your choice
    <p>Hightech cases have a "normal" delivery delay of<strong> three months</strong> (or more): The demand for higtech cases is high and the production capacity of the factory is limited. We have some stock so you may be lucky: Please check!</p>
  • BAM St. Germain
  • BAM Opera
    <p>Vioolkoffers van polycarbonaat</p>
  • Pedi
    <p>Pedi cases</p>
  • GEWA Pure
    <p>GEWA Pure: GEWAs budget-line</p>
  • GEWA
  • GEWA Idea
    <p>Violin cases with hard outer shell.</p>
  • GEWA Air
    <p>GEWA Air cases, made in Germany</p>
  • GEWA Bio-S
    <p>Environment-friendly production (Flax-fibre)</p>
  • Jaeger Original
    <p>Jaeger Original cases: amomng the best!</p>
  • Rokkomann
    <p>Rokkomann violin case: lightweight quality from Japan. Prices do not include shipping.</p>
  • Artonus
  • Sale
  • Hiscox
    <p>Hiscox violin cases</p>
  • Gill
    <p>Heinrich Gill violin case: classic design, eccellent quality.</p>
  • Musilia
    <p>Musilia violin cases: light weight and ultra strong.</p>

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Violin case Liuteria Concerto (GEWA)

Price €131.40

BAM Hightech contoured violin case

Price €363.64

Liuteria Maestro oblong violin case

Price €329.75

Artonus Anthon "Quart"

Price €263.64

Violin case oblong, wood.

Price €139.67