shoulder rests

Shoulder rests for violin amd viola: every quality-brand of the world-market!

shoulder rests


  • Kun
    Kun shoulder rests from Canada, benchmark for quality, ergonomy and comfort.
  • Wolf
  • Bonmusica
    <p>Bonmusica Schoudersteunen voor viool en altviool.</p>
  • Mach One
    Ontwerp van Peter Mach (Canada) 
  • Parts for shoulder rests
    Spare parts for various brands and tupes of shoulder rests.
  • Tido
    shoulder rest, wood and plastic
  • Everest
    Everest schoudersteunen: degelijke steun uit kunststof.
  • Augustin-Viva
    <p>Augustin "Viva la Musica" schoudersteunen</p>
  • Shoulder cushions
    <p>Shoulder cushions in different sizes and shapes.</p>
  • PlayOnAir
    Inflatable cushion. Attachment under the instrument for optimal shoulder contact.
  • Artino
    Artino shoulder rests
  • Pedi
  • Magic Pad
    Magic pad: a colourful shoulder cushion with silicone adhesive to the instrument.
  • Max
    Shoulder rest, "Made in Korea"
  • Wittner
    Wittner Isny schoudersteunen
  • GEWA Pure
    GEWA Pure
  • Johnson
    Johnson shoulder rests.
  • Pirastro-Korfker
    Pirastro shoulder rests
  • Acousta Grip
    <p>Acousta Grip: alternative shoulder rest.</p>

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Bonmusica shoulder res viola, NON STANDARD sizes

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