• student instruments
    <p>On the internet you will find many "cheap violin stores". They all tell fairy-tales about excellent violins for beginners for prices as low as 99 bucks or even less. Too good to be true! Not only quality-aspects count with instruments, a good set up by a violin maker is at least as important. "Cheap Violin Stores" sell violins right from the commercial shipping-container they came in. The students' instruments we present not only were selected from trusted workshops, they were also set-up in our studio with the best workmanship and materials. We show you the price of the instrument before set-up plus the cost of set-up. Of course we have a collection of older and newer instruments of German, French, Eastern-European and Asian origin, but we do not sell them on the internet: please call us for actual stock or making an appointment for trial.</p>
  • violins lefthanded
    <p>We can transform your current instrument into a lefthanded one.For beginners we can supply a violon that is built lefthanded from scratch.(see below)For advanced players we can supply a wonderful instrument, made in a european workshop. Please ask us for the details.</p>
  • Violins
    <p>Our violins are sold only in our "brick and mortar"shop. with the exception of  a selection of student instruments that can be purchased online as well.Here you will find some samples from our collection. We can inform you about prices if no price is indicated.</p>
  • Violas
    Violas The instruments shown are not available online directly but can be tried in our shop on appointment (call +31503135701-business hours Amsterdam time)
  • Celli
  • Jay Haide collection
    <p>We stock Jay Haide instruments.</p>

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Violin, left handed

Scott Cao violin 150

Price €409.00

Scott Cao violin 17E

Price €575.00

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