In our workshop we have a nice collection of violins. What you see gere is only a part of the total collection. If you are interested in a certain instrument, we can inform you about it's specifics.

We are open for serious offers!



  • Violins up to 500€
    <p>Violins up to 500€</p>
  • Violins 500-1000€
    <p>Violins up to 1000€</p>
  • Violins 1000-1500€
    <p>Violins 1000-1500€</p>
  • violins 1500€ and over
    <p>violins 1500 euro and over.</p>
  • student violin kits
    <p>By just picking a cheap instrument from the internet, you take a vast risk of being left with a piece of unplayable junk.</p> <p>We select sets from reputable manufactureres and make them playable, even if it takes new quality strings, reshaping the nut and fingerboard, a new bridge etc.</p> <p>Try our beginners instruments risk free for two weeks!</p>

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